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Carlos de Chey
Argentine Tango Dancer, Choreographer and Master Teacher from Buenos Aires.
Born and raised in Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires, Carlos' lifetime relationship with tango music and dance began early.  His parents took him to the milongas in Villa Urquiza as a child. 
Carlos started going to the milongas as an amateur dancer, learning from the milongueros and Master Teachers. 

He started teaching across the USA and Europe (NYC, Washington D.C., NJ, CA, Philadelphia, Maine, Hawaii, Montreal, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome and as well in Buenos Aires.
Carlos has dedicated students from every corner of the world.

Currently, he is teaching group and private classes at "Escuela de Tango en NY" and in BA at Escuela de Tango, Saverio and locals milongas.

Carlos was the creator and organizer of La Milonga de Gardel, one of the biggest milongas in the U.S.
Carlos has performed at Lincoln Center and the American Ballroom Theater, as well as in Washington DC, Philly, B.A., Hawaii, Montreal, Barcelona, Rome, etc..

His credits also include Tango Choreographer for Peter and Wendy (at the NEW Victory Theater, NYC) and Ecco Porco, in collaboration with Director Lee Breuer.
He was mentioned at Vogue Magazine (May 2006).
Carlos Duarte de Chey dances an elegant and classic style that is a combination of Golden Era and modern Tango, with a keen focus on maintaining the esence of the dance.  USA:  917-406-7973

Carolina & Diego have reached a prominent place in the world of tango.  At the age of 20 they joined the original cast of the show, FOREVER TANGO, on Broadway, NYC.  They also toured with the show in the U.S., Europe and Canada for over four years.  The couple was nominated for a Tony Award for “Best Choreography” for the first home video of the show.

Diego began to dance at age four and has achieved world renown as a master dancer and instructor.  Carolina’s artistry has reached great heights and her success includes performing in Robert Duval’s documentary, TANGO! Produced by National Geographic.
performances, as well as their wide ranging programs of tango instruction. The couple currently resides in the US and continue to earn international acclaim for their elegant, charismatic and technically demanding www.carolina&

Daniela Arcuri grew up in the heart of Buenos Aires, where she absorbed the English, French, Spanish and mostly Italian influences that define the cosmopolitan "porteño" culture of this port city. At age thirteen, Daniela began training in ballet, modern dance, music, acting, jazz, argentinean folk dancing and gymnastics.  She is a graduate of the Escuela Nacional de Danzas  and Instituto Nacional de Gimnasia in Buenos Aires. She began to teach and choreograph tango at the age of twenty-five and developed the passion for the drama of the latin dances and cultures, recognizing that the Tango was her own artistic vocabulary.

Her style developed as a result of her training both in ballet and modern-contemporary dance, and the influence and instruction from some of the great "milongueros" (the tango masters) of Club Almagro and Villa Urquiza of Buenos Aires such as Rodolfo Dinzel,  Eduardo Arquimbau, Antonio Todaro, and Pepito Avellaneda and she years spent dancing and observing in the milongas of Buenos Aires. 

Daniela Arcuri and Armando Orzuza were one of the most important professional tango couples in the world, visiting more than 200 cities to teach and perform. They helped and supported the opening of new tango schools in the USA and Europe and their performances caught the eye of relevant critics of the most important newspapers of NYC.  They have performed along with very important artists such as Julio Iglesias, Madonna, Libertad Lamarque, Maria Grana, Alba Solis, Beba Vidart, Juan Carlos Copes y Maria Nieves, Pepito Avellaneda, Fernando Soler, Sexteto Mayor Orchestra, Sexteto Tango Orchestra, La orquesta de Ernesto Franco, The Symphonic Orchestra from the Hollywoood Bowl among others.

She had choreographed SEBASTIAN TANGO, directed by Ruben Cuello and presented at the Complejo Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires, April, May and June, 2008.  Daniela performed in a Tango show at the One World Theater in Austin in 2011 and partnered with Sergei Tumas for performances in Los Angeles with his Tango show Tango Cabaret in 2011.  She is recognized for her amazing artistry, technique, and the passion and feeling she brings to the Tango whether teaching or performing.  Daniela is a respected and sought after master teacher often teaching on the east coast and west coast of the U.S.

Monica Paz was born and raised in Buenos Aires.  Tango has been her full time profession for 16 years.  She is strongly involved in Tango Milonguero style, the “Real Milonguero” with chest-to-chest connection.  This is the style she dances in the milongas Portenas (from Buenos Aires) each week with the best milongueros.  She has the ability to communicate to both male and female roles in social Tango dancing.  She is now involved in videotaping interviews with the Milogueros of Buenos Aires. For the last few years she has brought her teaching style and passion to the United States and Europe.  See her Youtube channel: http://www if you want to see her interviews, go to

Dragan, a native of Yugoslavia, has been teaching Argentine Tango for 15 years. His understanding of movement, coupled with his passion for teaching makes his instruction unique and offer an unmatched opportunity for learning and improvement. He has the ability to transfer his passion and knowledge to his students directly and simply, helping each student to become aware of the body alignment needed to refine their dance.


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