POCONO TANGO has been ongoing for several years in Stroudsburg, PA.

Ann Francois brought Argentine Tango to Stroudsburg in 2003 and began working towards establishing a Tango Community in the Poconos. She has since been joined by her husband, Willy Francois.  Ann and Willy met many years ago connected by their love of dance, music and meditation.   Argentine Tano brings all of these passions together.  They are happy to share their joy and knowledge of Tango with others, while they continue to learn and improve their own Tango.

After trying one location or another, we  established a home at the School of Visual & Performing Arts at 554 Main Street, Stroudsburg, PA, a non-profit entity offering local artists a place to practice and perform. Recent renovations have afforded a beautiful, open space for dance, theatre and the martial arts.

WEEKLY CLASS:  Every Tuesday...7:00-8:30pm

As Pocono Tango strives to expose new people to Argentine Tango, we offer a Beginner Class from 7:00-8:00pm followed by a half hour practice session.. This class concentrates on the basic tenents of Tango and is appropriate to Intermediate students as well, who want to increase their skills and connection to their partners and the music.


Pocono Tango has an ongoing commitment to bringing Guest Teachers to Stroudsburg. Our Guests have included Carolina Zokalski & Diego DiFalco, Silvina Vals & Oliver Kolker, Daniela Arcuri, Monica Paz, Steve Cook and Dragan Ranitovic.  We are very grateful to all these teachers who have lifted our spirits and improved our tango. We hope to bring them all back again as well as many more. 

Pocono Tango